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You can start or continue your studies at a high-level training in a privileged environment. The city’s vibrant atmosphere and the affordable but high life quality make the city a centre of attention for all international students. Language is definitely not a barrier.

The city might offer you intense studies for :

  • Highly prestigious Business Schools and Institutions
  • Degrees, masters, PhDs and higher studies
  • Higher and Intermediate Vocational Education
  • Artistic Studies
  • Higher Sports Education

Once you decide where you are gonna study, we help you and make the process Nice, Simple & Fast. Barcelona will boost your skills and professional opportunities!

What do we offer?

Student visa, we guide you through the process so you don’t lose time and money in bureaucratic requirements.

We help you settle your new life here in Barcelona: Guide to the schools, doctors, health and sports clubs, language schools and etc.

Before or as soon as you arrive, we help you to settle, mainly accommodation, and also to register in the system according to your nationality and visa.

We are never finished, anytime you need help, we offer personal concierge services.

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