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Whether you are new to the city or you already are familiar with the city, our expertise, especially in real estate investing in Barcelona, might help you realize your investment in a smooth way.

Barcelona is currently one of the most important cities in Europe for doing business and creating companies and is also a magnet for both local and foreign enterprise. It’s the southern gateway to Europe, the centre of an emerging economic Eurozone, the Mediterranean capital, a bridge to the Maghreb and a platform for links to Latin America.

We are specialists and guide you throughout the process of buying or selling a property. We work so that all process will be safe, agile and transparent.

Barcelona is an open, mixed, cosmopolitan city, a cultural crossroad that attracts visitors, talent, investment, technological and scientific innovation, and pioneering cultural ideas. For all these reasons it is a growing economy and a safe place to invest.

Our team of experts shall lead you to take the safety steps during this process and help you to discover all the advantages such as work and residency permits coming together.

Once you have the idea of investing in Barcelona, for Golden Visa or in general, we are happy to help you with all of the above:

What do we offer?

Help you to set up the necessary formalities like an open bank account, getting registered in the system or even setting up a company and etc.

We guide you through to find the optimum investment option.

We are not finished, in case you need further assistance to run that investment, we are here: running the property, managing the relations both with the tenants, as managing the local taxes and etc.

We are experts on settling everything legally for you. Surely there are some advantages of some specific type of investments such as Golden Visa or the work/residency permit.

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Finding the best opportunities in Barcelona!

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