“We know how difficult these big steps are. We are here to help you.”

How we can help you?

    Finding the best opportunities in Barcelona!

    Whether you are still thinking about moving to our city or in the process of doing so or have just arrived, we shall help you settle in and make the most of your first experiences here. It includes everything you need to know before coming to Barcelona and upon your arrival, to make moving in and your everyday life easy.

    Barcelona is an open, mixed, cosmopolitan city, a cultural crossroad that attracts visitors, talent, investment, technological and scientific innovation, and pioneering cultural ideas. For all these reasons it is a growing economy and a safe place to invest.

    Welcome to Barcelona, Welcome home!

    Move to Barcelona
    If you are considering moving to Barcelona, here you will find the friendliness and warmth of the Mediterranean character that encourages visitors to come and get to know us. A pleasant climate all year round, as well as an enviable quality of life with unique and distinguished neighbourhoods, and cohesive communities that will make you feel at home.

    Study in Barcelona
    You can start or continue your studies at a high-level training in a privileged environment. The city’s vibrant atmosphere and the affordable but high life quality make the city a centre of attention for all international students.
    Language is definitely not a barrier. Barcelona will boost your skills and professional opportunities!

    Immigration & Administrative Services

    Safe steps and savings of time!

    We offer assistance in all types of immigration and administrative processes in Spain. Our services are tailor-made because each customer is different and their needs and circumstances as well. We speed up paperwork to save time and ensure that every step is safe.

    • Apply for an NIE number
    • Residency permits (residency, work, student)
    • Visas (Golden Visa, D Type, etc.)
    • Renovation of resident & Work permits
    • Legalization of documents
    • Citizenship

    Administrative Steps
    • Bank account
    • Social Security
    • Local health system
    • City hall registration
    • Tax registration
    • utility management (electric, gas, water, internet, mobile and etc.)
    • All types of contracts
    • Driving license
    • Vehicle Import

    *Formalities tend to change quite frequently.
    *Access to request an appointment will only be available in Catalan and Spanish.

    Property management

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    We’ll take care of your property!

    Our expert team is ready to help you to process your local taxes such as estate taxes and real estate income taxes but also national taxes if you have to become a tax resident here in Spain.

    If you have a property that you are using or not or renting out, we offer property management services, which includes representing you to all the authorities as well as the tenants, building managements and other possible third parties.

    You don’t have to worry about daily work when you are away. We will take care of your property.


    360º global services!

    Beyond the location and price, in today’s world, the personalization of the property is very important. Today the whole world is more and more aware of the need for sustainable housing, with ecological and technological solutions.

    Based on what you need, we keep our minds, eyes and ears well open and then offer solutions accordingly.

    Thanks to our backgrounds, we are able to offer you the optimum solutions whether it is a total renovation or some small changes like a kitchen, bathroom or painting, etc.

    The truth is that we are lucky enough to work with a great team of professionals (architects, interior designers, builders…) who make our work a passion.

    Every detail is important. We love renovations!

    Concierge service packs

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    Anything you need in the city!

    In a new city, you may need help anytime. We do offer you certain hours of free help with our packages (Invest &Relocation) to make you settle as much as possible. But you never know, when you need help, to make a contract change, to be accompanied to civil service, translation in a doctor’s office, school meeting or etc. Our skills, experience, and network, is able to provide tailor-made services for all sorts of customer requests.

    The language doesn’t have to be a barrier for you. We have our extra service packages based on a certain amount of hours as well as charging hourly.